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Human Resources Policy

As Efor Çay, our human resources mission is to form the future according to the expectations of our friends working with us and those who want to work with us, taking into account their experience and characteristics, and also to create training opportunities which would increase their success and efficiency in business life. In line with our people-oriented management approach, our employees' career plans are guided by taking into account their mental abilities, personality traits, self-development levels, progress in their jobs and desires to reach higher levels. That is how we provide job satisfaction, loyalty and active energy inside the company.

Appointments to critical positions are based on criteria based on our employees' work success, performance level and competency-based selection within their group. We prepare our employees by training system determined by the performance management system, making them good managerial candidates for the future.

We indirectly contribute to the career development of our employees by sharing the opportunities that arise with them in order to provide them with career opportunities to ensure their efficient work towards the achievement of the determined company goals.

By creating opportunities to determine and develop the long-term goals of our companies through career management carried out with an impartial and equal opportunity approach, we make a significant contribution to the motivation of individuals by meeting the self-realization needs of working individuals. We take it seriously to make our employees more conscious individuals in terms of productivity and occupational health and safety, and we organize gamification workshops where the "learning through experience" technique comes to the fore. Thus, trainings serve a more memorable and empowering function as they are blended with experiences in games.

We find it necessary to create the intellectual and creative atmosphere inside the company in aim to support our activity by growing the career goals of our employees.

You can send your applications to [email protected] mail adress to accompany us on this success journey where we will grow together.

Your applications will reach our human resources database.

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