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Efor Çay with the touch of the Black Sea breeze and local production for every palate

As Efor Çay, we use teas from the highlands of  the Eastern Black Sea Region with its unique climate and flora, offering you tea for every taste.

2 Leaves 1 Tea Flush
We offer intense infusion and unique tea pleasure with our two-and-a-half leaf teas, which are rich in cell components.
Black Sea Tea
We mix the freshness and taste of the Black Sea region, where the only tea which is not covered with snow is being grown.
Local production
We always support our local producers for domestic sustainable production and high quality.
Efor Çay in numbers

Being aware of the traditional value of tea in Turkey, Efor Çay has led the sector with its innovative vision and quality line, and has succeeded in becoming one of the top five tea brands in our country in a short time.

Tea Producer

One of the top 5 Turkish tea brands

production area

Ton / Daily

Tea production capacity of 830 tons per day

Efor Çay
Since the day we were founded, we have been acting with the principle of "quality of te... (More)
Rainforest Alliance
Efor Çay has been certified in the tea category within the scope of the Rainforest Alli... (More)
Tea Facilities
Tea processing and packaging in Of, Trabzon, packaging plant in Artvin Arhavi 1 (More)
Efor Çay controls the process from tea field to cup in aim to sustainable (More)
Where does taste of Efor Çay come?

We plant tea plants in the ground using domestic and new technologies. When it comes to harvest time, we collect the best quality leaves the Black Sea region famous for its aromatic tea. Then we transfor the collected leaves into high-quality tea according to the EU standarts, hygienic regulations and modern technologies combining them with traditional way of collecting tea leaves. Thanks to the R&D studies we have carried out, we are bringing our high standard products to our consumers for 12 months with their magnificent taste, intense brew and unique smell.

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