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We do not add any preservative in our tea. We do our best to make our tea 100 percent organic from soil to cup. We share the ingredients of our products with you transparently on our packaging.

We plant tea sprouts in the soil using 100 percent local and new production technologies. When it comes to harvest time, we collect the best quality leaves from the scent-rich regions of the Black Sea. We transform the high-quality leaves we collect into high-quality teas using a traditional method specific to Turkey, in our facilities equipped with hygienic and advanced technologies at EU standards. Thanks to the R&D studies we carry out, we offer our high standard products with great taste, intense brew and unique smell to our consumers for 12 months.

We do not use any preservatives or food coloring in our teas. Our teas get their color from best quality leaves from the highhill regions of the Black Sea. The green color of fresh tea leaves turns into copper red after withering, curling anf fermentation stages.

After drying and sorting, our tea is packaged and delivered to you. You can find detailed information about the production stages of tea on our web page https://www.eforcay.com/neden-efor-cay.

The tea plant has coloring pigments. These pigments remain on the surface of the glass while the tea is inside it. The tea stain on the glass is an indication of the high quality of tea.

As for all products we advise to use tea before the expiration date.

Bergamot is a tree species with an average height of 4 meters with long leaves of dark green color. Its flowers are white and small, its fruits are spherical or pear-shaped, 5-7 cm in diameter, the flesh is sour and the skin is lemon yellow. In Turkey it grows around Antalya, Mersin and Adana. Bergamot essence is obtained by squeezing the fruit peels. It is a greenish yellow liquid with a pleasant smell and bitter taste. It is used in the tea industry to give scent and flavor to tea.

We combine the aroma obtained from the bergamot fruit in liquid form with our teas during the production stage.

Our products do not contain gluten. You can see all the ingredients on the tea packaging.

For a delicious tea, water is very important. Boil your clean water in the bottom pot. After pour the boiling water into the upper teapot, add a teaspoon of tea for each glass. Add an extra spoonful. Wait for the tea to brew for at least 15-20 minutes to get its aroma and color. Then you can enjoy your tea. To get a better taste, you can use a porcelain or glass teapot.

We source it from the high-altitude and aroma-rich regions of the Black Sea. We always support our domestic producers ın aim to support sustainable production.

The filter paper we use in our tea bags is obtained from natural abaca tree fibers, a type of banana tree that grows in the Philippines. The threads are completely natural and made of 100 percent cotton. We always work to maintain 100 percent naturalness in our products.

Cherry herbal fruit tea is a herbal tea obtained from the stems of cherry fruit and has various health benefits. For example, cherry stem contains antioxidants, fiber and other nutrients.

Herbal fruit tea is a healthy drink obtained by drying various plants or fruits and brewed with hot water. These teas may contain natural compounds such as various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can access our herbal and fruit tea varieties on our page https://www.eforcay.com/urun-kategorileri/bitki-meyve-form-caylari-1.

Form tea is a type of herbal tea used for weight control and body shaping purposes. It is usually created with a mixture of herbs such as green tea, mate leaf and mate tea. Form teas can speed up metabolism, increase energy levels, suppress appetite and burn fat. You can access our form tea varieties on our web page https://www.eforcay.com/urun-kategorileri/bitki-meyve-form-caylari-1.

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